Become more environmental concient with the Dachs, the combined heat and power (CHP) unit.

Just like a regular heating unit, the Dachs generates heat and hot water. The difference: it additionally generates “green” energy.

An environmental friendly energy system like the Dachs obviously receives funding by the state and is freed from any energy taxes, as it only emits 50% of the CO2 that an ordinary system would produce.

With a Dachs you’ll even have your own green charging station for any electrical bikes, scooters or cars and are able to charge your car right in front of your doorstep – environmental friendly and mostly independent of rising electricity prices.

With enough wind and sun we have a sufficient amount of energy coming from renewable sources. But what about calm periods, the winter or at night? This is where the Dachs – with the cogeneration of heat and power – comes in handy. As a third source to complement the environmental friendly generation of energy.

You want to save up to 50% costs in energy and save the environment while doing so?

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