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You want to become a part of our mission?


Sustainabiliy is a communal act.

So let’s work together.

No one said environmental protection was an easy task. We have a rocky road ahead of us, but with the right partners at our side, it is much more pleasant to walk. We see our institute as an interface between companies and suppliers with the same sustainable vision. At the end of the day, we are all pursuing the same goal. So let’s work hand in hand towards it.

This is how you can cooperate with us

GreenCommunity Partners

Sustainable products and services

Our GreenCommunity consists of innovative, committed and heartfelt companies with sustainable products and services for hotels, offices and spas. 

They all meet minimum criteria in the areas of people, planet and profit and commit to this by joining the GreenCommunity.

Rezemo Kaffe
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Network partners

Strategic partners and loyal companions

No one can save the whole world all by themselves. That’s why we have built up a large and high-quality network of contacts and companies with whom we implement green projects together, organize great events and support each other.

We haven’t answered all of your questions?

Darlene is your contact person when it comes to cooperations and communal projects.
Darlene Schwabroch

Darlene Schwabroch

Business Development Manager