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GreenSign is project partner of CREDinGREEN

An Erasmus+ funding program of the European Union

CREDinGREEN is a European Union funding program co-funded by Erasmus+ and aims to prepare tourism businesses in the best possible way for the market changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the European Green Deal.

The name “CREDinGREEN” is derived from the teaching concept of the EU micro-credential approach. The methodical-didactic micro-certificates accredit graduates and professionals in terms of their correct and success-leading handling of the recent changes in market requirements. This is a simple way to prove the necessary understanding, knowledge, skills and competences for the tourism of the future.

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Due to the Covid19 pandemic and the European Green Deal, the European tourism market and the entire global tourism industry are also facing drastic changes in the coming years. Tourism is not expected to return to 2019 levels before 2023.

The “CREDinGREEN” project addresses this challenge by aiming to create broad awareness of the massive changes coming to the tourism sector in the coming years.

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In order to respond quickly to market-driven changes in knowledge and skills in professional education and training, while ensuring high quality accreditation, the European Commission has recently introduced the new EU instrument the “EU micro-credential approach.

These micro-certificates aim to support the tourism industry in adapting to market changes. The CREDinGREEN project will develop a teaching concept on this new methodological and didactic basis.


This is followed by the development of a comprehensive strategy paper that provides an overview of the state of the art in green tourism. This “bottom-up” feedback will inform policy makers and funding agencies at the national and EU levels about what is happening at the grassroots level and how they can improve their policies and funding structures to drive developments.

The policy paper will include contributions and articles from policy makers and stakeholders at national and European levels explaining their educational approaches and goals for Green Tourism and the EU Micro Credential approach.

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This is how you can support CREDinGREEN

If you are in tourism and have experienced the Covid-19 pandemic, we would be happy if you could complete our 10-minute survey.

What has been your experience with Covid-19 and the Green Deal?

We are very interested in this question! Because based on your answers the above mentioned teaching concept of the micro-certificates for hotel and tourism professionals and managers will be created.

Just follow the link and you will automatically get to the questions. Thank you for your participation!

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Project meeting in Florence, June 2022

In June 2022, we met with a total of 10 project partners from Europe in Florence to work together on our project. We discussed current progress, challenges of the project and distributed new tasks.

A few great days in Italy, a long awaited personal meeting of the project participants and an unforgettable experience. The project coordinators of the University of Applied Sciences of SME have written a summary.

GreenSign meets CREDinGREEN – Project management and participation

Suzann Heinemann, Founder and Managing Director of GreenSign Institute, initiated and leads GreenSign’s participation in the CREDinGREEN project.

Maxilian Dilitz, Sales & Sustainability Advisor at GreenSign, and Darlene Schwabroch, Business Development Manager at GreenSign, represent GreenSign Institute within the project and participate in the development as well as in CREDinGREEN meetings.

You want to learn more about CREDinGREEN and stay informed?

Then feel free to follow us on the official social media channels of the project!

The CREDinGREEN project partners

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Applicant and coordinator of CREDinGREEN is the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) under the project management of Prof. Dr. Heike Bähre and Ian O’Donovan M.A. GreenSign participates as one of eight international project partners in CREDinGREEN and contributes its expertise especially in the field of sustainable tourism as well as its versatile network contacts in the implementation of the project actively and of high quality.