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These are our GreenCommunity partners.

Our partners cater every businesses’ needs. Certainly.

Sustainable products and services for your enterprise.


All our partners are committed to environmentally-friendly and socially-fair production and sales-processes. They have sealed this commitment with signing the GreenCommitments before entering the GreenCommuntiy. 

Sustainable purchasing & cosmetics
Simple ordering processes and value-based supply chains.

Hotel Consulting Green Solutions

We advise to make good things even better
Learn more about Hotel Consulting Green Solutions

We stand for many years of expertise in the hotel industry, first-class commercial know-how, creativity and passion as well as sustainability.

Our sustainable solutions are always individually adapted to the corporate culture of the business. We see ourselves as a strategic partner who draws on many years of expertise and develops innovative business models, services and processes for your company with great passion.

Our versatile team consists of hoteliers, financial experts, sustainability specialists, content marketing talents, PR experts, coaches, online marketers, graphic designers, analysts and project developers.

Kaffeetasse, Handy und Block liegen auf weißem Hintergrund

MORITZ Consulting

Strategy and organisational consulting
Learn more about HOTEL.Vital

The company private supplementary health insurance (bKV), for your staff, for your hotel, for your employer attractiveness.

The new HOTELvital bKV is the most cost-effective and least costly personnel benefit with the highest effectiveness on the personnel market.

In cooperation with Hallesche Krankenversicherung a.G. and our agency, we at have created HOTELvital, the right instrument for appreciation, staff retention and staff recruitment.

Sustainability not only has something to do with environmental protection, but also with the health of your staff. Contributions to occupational health insurance can be exempt from income tax and social security contributions up to 50 euros per month and staff member. You will receive your individual offer from us!

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