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Our story is quite exciting.
That’s why we want to share it with you.

More than 20 years ago, our managing director Suzann Heinemann founded the GreenLine Hotels platform as a marketing cooperation for hotels located in green areas. Due to the name, the team was approached very early on the topic of sustainability, even if that was not actually the intention at the beginning.
However, as the topic became increasingly important over the years, Suzann and her team decided in 2014 to focus the concept entirely on sustainability.

Brave or?
We think so too.

But when the GreenLine team was looking for a suitable certification for the GreenLine Hotels, it was quickly discovered that the ideal (sustainability) certification did not even exist yet. The solution was simple – at least for Suzann and her team. With her saying: “All or nothing!” she founded the InfraCert Institute (now GreenSign Institut GmbH) in 2015 and developed her own certification – the GreenSign – together with partners from science and the hotel industry.

That’s what we stand for at GreenSign.

From each other. For each other. Together.

Sustainability – properly implemented – can be inspiring and fun. It is increasingly becoming an important competitive factor for companies in all sectors – we make it socially acceptable for entrepreneurship.

In this way, we make our contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation and encourage entrepreneurs and their teams to act in an innovative, climate-friendly and socially responsible manner.

We want to make a difference.

Our vision

A functioning environment is the basis for our lives and quality of life. In order to preserve this, we want to inform and inspire more entrepreneurs to act sustainably, to consciously design operational processes, and to strike a balance between ecology and economy in the process. Our aim is to get our message out into the world in such a way that more and more companies adopt a sustainable approach and become involved in the future. Sustainability should be seen as an opportunity for positive change, which even saves costs in the long run and brings a competitive advantage.

We want to help find sensible solutions and alternatives with economic incentives and keep the business innovative and profitable in the long term with an environmental strategy. An environmentally friendly behavior does not mean renunciation or prohibition. GreenSign shows that sustainability and convenience are not contradictory. At the same time, we want to accompany entrepreneurs on their way to continuously improve their sustainability performance. We see our GreenCommunity as a network in which we inspire each other, learn from each other and provide mutual support. Sustainability is most enjoyable when it is driven forward together. We want to be a source of inspiration and are always open to an inspiring exchange.

Sustainable without sacrifice.

Our mission

Wir wollen dabei helfen, sinnvolle Lösungen und Alternativen mit ökonomischen Anreizen zu finden und den Unternehmensbetrieb mit einer Umweltstrategie langfristig innovativ und gewinnbringend zu erhalten. Ein umweltfreundliches Verhalten bedeutet keinen Verzicht oder Verbote. GreenSign zeigt, dass Nachhaltigkeit und Komfort keinen Widerspruch darstellen.

Team beim Baumpflanzen
Team GreenSign Müllsammeln

Our values

… are guiding principles that set the direction and goal and determine our corporate character.
  • We are open to new ideas and our work is characterized by an enthusiastic team spirit.
  • Work-life balance is important to us, as is our health and interaction.
  • Economic success as well as qualitative growth ensure a secure existence of the company.

  • We use our profits to enhance our performance and expand our sustainable activities.

  • With sincerity, openness and as an impulse generator we secure our trustful customer relationship.

  • We constantly adapt our quality level to the latest findings and put ourselves to the test again and again in order to be successful in the long term.

For more sustainability among the others.
And ourselves…
  • …we purchase green electricity

  • …we work almost paperless

  • …we print our print products climate neutrally

  • …we have a completely PET free office

  • …we compensate the CO2 emissions of our website

  • …we inspire others for more sustainability

  • …we cruise with electric cars (or public transport)

  • …we support social projects (Paddle Kids e.V.) and the preservation of nature (tree planting)

Sustainability is a long journey.
We want to set a good example.
Logo GreenSign Office Level 3

After launching our new product, GreenSign Office,GreenSign Office we evaluated ourselves according to our GreenSign Office catalog. You were expecting a Level 5 in our office? Then we’re sorry to disappoint you. Because for us, sustainability is also a constant path to improvement.