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GreenSign Office

360° solution for sustainability in your office.

A sustainable commitment is increasingly relevant for investors, partners, policy makers and customers. This is more than environmental protection. Sustainable business strategies always include social and economic aspects. A sustainable orientation can be beneficial for your company in many different ways. With improved efficiency, an enhanced image, higher employee satisfaction and greater opportunities for recruiting young employees, sustainability also pays off economically for your company. Pursuing sustainable goals not only helps the environment, but also your own business. Have you recognised the opportunities that sustainable action brings with it?

The way there is surprisingly easy.

3 steps to GreenSign Office certification.

1. Submit certification application

The easiest way to apply for your GreenSign Office certification is to use the online application form. You will receive your application confirmation with an offer in your email inbox shortly afterwards. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you on the phone or via video call.

After signing the contract, you will receive further information and access to the certification tool. Here you can enter the criteria and measures fulfilled for your company.

Mann im Büro
GreenSign Tool Anmeldung am Computer

2. Log in to the GreenSign tool & self-evaluation

After registering in the certification tool, the independent self-evaluation of your office takes place.

The criteria of the assessment catalogue are based on the global sustainability goals defined by the United Nations, the SDGs. Together with the international frameworks ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 26000 (corporate social responsibility) and EMAS, this results in a comprehensive questionnaire that analyses the current status of your company.

The rating is based on a weighting factor and the fulfilment of the respective indicators. The classification of the sustainability performance of the business is made according to the result of the completed certification tool in GreenSign Level 1 to GreenSign Level 5. For the classification with Level 1, at least 19 percent of the criteria within the eight core areas must be fulfilled. The highest award with GreenSign Level 5 requires a sustainability performance of over 90 percent.

GreenSign Office Logo Level 1
Initial approaches to realising the sustainability concept have already been fulfilled in the company (15-19%).
GreenSign Office Logo Level 2
A sound sustainability orientation is evident in the company (20-49%).
GreenSign Office Logo Level 3
A sustainability concept is implemented and lived in almost all operational areas (50-69%).
GreenSign Office Logo Level 4
The requirements for sustainable management are fulfilled to a high degree by the company (70-89%).
GreenSign Office Logo Level 5
The sustainability concept in the company is exemplary and has the best possible orientation (90-100%).

3. Audit and award with GreenSign Office

All companies or offices are then inspected during an on-site audit. The auditor requests previously announced documents as well as various verifications.

The audit ends with a qualified audit report that reflects the company’s sustainability performance. The certification takes place for three years and enables transparent documentation and authentic communication of the sustainable commitment for the period. Subsequently, the sustainable measures are reviewed and evaluated again on the basis of the eight core areas.

Audit GreenSign

100 criteria. 8 areas. 3 pillars.

We explain them to you.

Management & Communication

Good management and transparent communication are central components of a sustainable corporate orientation. They stand for a system of values and responsible shaping of the future in dialogue with stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers, suppliers). Commitment to gender equality and equal opportunities, as well as decent work and broad-based, sustainable growth are the hallmarks of a sustainable and exemplary corporate policy.


The area of environment includes numerous components of the company structure and processes. Energy, water and waste have a major impact on the ecological footprint of a business. Accordingly, strategies and measures to reduce resource consumption are necessary. In the long term, these lead to a reduction in costs and are thus to be seen as a profitable investment.


In-house purchasing is a central steering body and indicator of sustainable responsibility. The strategic and conscious selection of products supports decent working conditions and contributes to environmentally sound production. When selecting products, particular attention should be paid to quality and sustainability features.


Mobility is part of everyday working life and is an important factor in which companies can make a decisive contribution to climate protection through appropriate measures. With an innovative strategy, companies make their contribution to saving resources, minimising environmental pollution and improving the quality of life and air. The switch to sustainable transport options is necessary and future-proof.

    Qualitätsmanagement & nachhaltige Entwicklung

    Quality assurance is a core process of sustainability and an essential part of every company. Further development means securing the future through satisfied and motivated employees and customers as well as trusting cooperation with all stakeholders.

    Quality management & sustainable development

    Soziale Verantwortung

    Social commitment is a supporting pillar of sustainable development. It stands for a sense of responsibility and motivation for shaping a sustainable environment in the triad of ecology, social affairs and economy. Education and awareness raising about sustainability in the company are also crucial for a sustainable positioning.

    Social responsibility

    Wirtschaftliche Verantwortung

    The economic stability of companies is a supporting pillar and ensures qualitative and quantitative growth. The collection, evaluation and management of financial and economic data are essential and stand for a sense of responsibility in order to meet the external demands and expectations of customers, investors and the media.

    Economic responsibility

    Wirtschaftliche Verantwortung

    The selection and handling of food is a central control body and indicator of sustainable responsibility. This not only shows commitment to the health of employees, but also has a positive impact on the climate, the economy and social interaction. Purchasing regional, seasonal, organic and fair trade products is an important contribution to global sustainable development. (This area can only be assessed if a canteen is available).


    Your added value?

    After a successful certification process, the GreenSign Institut awards the GreenSign Office sustainability certificate at the level achieved. The certification shows possible weak points and potentials for improving the sustainability performance. Recertification takes place after three years with a new on-site audit. With an environmental programme on the part of the company, sustainability measures will also be implemented in the future. We support your office in achieving a better perception among all stakeholders.

    CO2-Footprint bookable
    • If you would like us to measure the carbon footprint of your office, we will be happy to do so, just ask us.
    • wooden GreenSign badge for the entrance area of your company
    • GreenSign certificate in the frame with the GreenSign level and individual follow-up barometer
    • GreenSign logo for your website
    • Widget that displays the sustainability barometer transparently on your website
    • Listing on the GreenSign website
    • Press releases and social media posts by GreenSign
    GreenSign Community
    • Integration into our GreenSign Community
    • Access to the partner network with special conditions
    • Participation in networking events

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