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Do you and your company offer a sustainable product or service for the hotel industry and tourism?
Are you looking for a network to present your products to the right target group and to exchange ideas with exciting personalities? Then we warmly welcome you to the GreenCommunity!

This sustainable partner network acts as an interface between our more than 270 certified GreenSign hotels and strong product partners for the travel and accommodation industry. Our goal is to support our hotels in their sustainable (further) development. Since no hotelier can manage all areas on his own on his green path, we need sustainable suppliers and stakeholders - just like YOU!

In addition to a meaningful partnership, the GreenCommunity offers you the opportunity to position your products in the target groups that are really relevant to you. This works via newsletters, press releases, social media postings, joint webinars, sponsoring at presence events and in many other ways.

Authentically green - The GreenCommitment

In order to guarantee the sustainability and authenticity of our network, we ask all new partners to sign our GreenCommitment before joining the GreenCommunity. In doing so, they are committed to successful, fair and collaborative cooperation and promise a high standard of sustainability and quality.

We have linked the GreenCommitment for you below.

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You want to be a part of our GreenCommunity? Send an e-mail to Darlene (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) oder call her directly: 030 318 628 422. We are always looking forward to make contact with exciting companies, to interact with each other and to learn from one another. 

Before you get to know us, feel free to have a look at our partner program already. Which membership suits you best?

Sustainable shopping cart

Betterspace - Your 360 ° solution provider for the digitalization of the hotel industry

Betterspace Technologie im Hotelzimmer

Betterspace offers you holistic digital solutions and brings you the technology of the future into your hotel in order to exploit the full potential of digitization. Would you like to promote sustainability in your hotel, revolutionize communication between you and your guests, generate new income, reduce costs and at the same time protect the environment? Then Betterspace has everything you need with better.hotel.

The 360 ​​° software better.hotel facilitates the daily work of hoteliers and inspires the guests. better.hotel contains the digital guest directory better.guest, which offers the intelligent solutions for energy management better.energy and better.connect for the perfect digital infrastructure. The smart solutions are intuitive to use and can be easily integrated into existing structures.

Your benefits at a glance:
+ Increasing income and satisfied guests
+ Falling costs and more sustainability
+ Optimized processes and relieved staff

The innovative guest directory for the entire guest journey is available for all output media: tablet in the room, app, hotel TV, digital signage and check-in terminals and is irreplaceable as a guest magnet, sales driver and process optimizer.

With better.energy you perfectionize the energy management in the hotel. The intelligent room control automatically controls the heating and air conditioning as well as the intelligent charging box specially developed for the hotel industry, which also promotes electromobility.

better.connect is the basis for enthusiastic hotel guests. The smart software for WLAN, telephony and TV systems optimizes and simplifies a large number of processes in the hotel. Experience how easily you can revolutionize your existing IT landscape with better.connect.

More information can be found here: betterspace360.com

BRITA VIVREAU - Your reliable partner for a safe drinking water supply

Brita Trinkwassergenuss

BRITA has been a reliable partner for future-oriented drinking water supply for over 50 years. BRITA develops, produces and sells water filters for private and commercial use, which form a perfect symbiosis with the BRITA VIVREAU tap-connected water dispensers - for hotels, restaurants, offices, schools and hygiene-sensitive healthcare. Trust the brand that stands for water expertise.

BRITA VIVREAU offers an alternative to bottled water with its tap-connected water dispensers. Surprise your guests with fresh, filtered and hygienically impeccable premium table water from "your own spring". Carbonated or still, chilled and hot - every company will find a tailor-made complete solution in our range. For example, the new series VIVREAU Top, Extra and Fill, which are suitable for quickly filling matching designer bottles. The bottles become eye-catchers with their own logo printed on them. Or the VIVREAU ViTap, which also supplies hot water for tea and is perfect for self-service guests at breakfast or in the wellness area. The daily fresh production of the water eliminates storage and transport costs as well as large amounts of waste. The cost is up to 80% lower compared to bottled water. Sustainability and regionality are the megatrends and are factors for long-term success. Tapping water instead of buying bottles means unlimited top quality water for your guests at all times. In conference / banquet rooms, restaurants, hotel bars, hotel rooms, breakfast buffets and wellness areas.

Regional. Brilliant.

FLASH by INJU - A revolutionary and sustainable drink for your conference guests!

FLASH is the contemporary alternative to energy drinks and coffee, because FLASH invigorates the mind in a completely natural way - without caffeine and other stimulants. Instead, FLASH relies on bioactive Q10 as well as plant extracts and vitamins. The completely new effect meets an unmistakable taste: fruity, tingling, spicy.

Since FLASH is not only produced naturally but also in a climate- and water-neutral manner, it is the ideal drink for sustainable meetings and conferences. FLASH is vegan and uses extremely little sugar.


Gerolsteiner - Natural mineral water of the best quality

Gerolsteiner: The water with the star

Gerolsteiner has been the most popular mineral water in Germany for many years. The brand with the red star and the lion coat of arms can look back on over 130 years of history. Gerolsteiner mineral water comes from a geologically unique spring area in the Vulkaneifel. It owes its balanced mineralization - calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate are typical - and the harmonious taste to him. Both of these also make Gerolsteiner an ideal wine companion. With Gerolsteiner Sprudel, Medium and Natural, which differ in terms of carbon dioxide content and mineralization, Gerolsteiner can offer a mineral water for every wine that optimally brings out the character of the wine. In the catering trade, “the water with a star” is presented in elegant gourmet containers (0.25 liters, 0.5 liters, 0.75 liters).

Click here for the product range sheet for gastronomy (PDF download)

Gerolsteiner sets standards for climate protection

As a natural product, Gerolsteiner Mineral Water is dependent on an intact environment. A careful water extraction, the protection of the springs and the surrounding nature are accordingly of particular importance in the sustainability strategy of the Gerolsteiner Brunnen. The Mineralbrunnen has been working consistently for a long time to avoid and reduce emissions. An important milestone: Gerolsteiner has been climate neutral along the entire value chain since 2020. In addition to measures to reduce CO2, the company relies on the compensation of unavoidable emissions through two internationally certified forest protection projects in Brazil and Indonesia with its partner First Climate. Gerolsteiner has been involved in the development of climate-stable forests in the Eifel in cooperation with the Rhineland-Palatinate State Forests since 2013. Gerolsteiner wants to reduce climate-relevant emissions at its own location by 59 percent by 2030 compared to 2016. Gerolsteiner is the first German mineral well to commit to the 1.5 ° target, according to which the global temperature increase due to the greenhouse effect should be limited to a maximum of 1.5 ° C by 2030. Since 2014, Gerolsteiner has published annual sustainability reports that document the company's progress and goals in the area of ​​sustainability.

More information on Gerolsteiner's commitment to sustainability:


HGK - Purchasing cooperative for the hotel and catering industry

HGK is Germany's market-leading purchasing cooperative for the hotel and catering industry. With its 3200 member companies and 470 supply partners, it has grown into a strong and influential community in its more than 30-year history, offering you a wide range of competitive advantages and unique service offerings.

Under the motto “You can count on us!” There are attractive price and conditions advantages through the bundling of purchase quantities as well as an annual bonus. The exclusive pool of quality-checked delivery partners covers your entire range of needs (F&B, non-food and service areas). This includes, in particular, a bundled selection of sustainably sensible products that is unique on the market (fair trade, vegan, organic, LED, green electricity, ecological cleaning agents and much more).

The personal and competent purchasing advice on site and by telephone, as well as the ease of administration in the areas of accounting and finance, demonstrably creates significant time and cost advantages. In addition, the unique services offered by HGK Sustainable Development, HGKnet, HGK BackOffice and HGK Purchasing plus additional added value for HGK members.

HOGASEARCH - Online fair and magazine all around hospitality

We network builders, hoteliers, architects and interior designers with suppliers and service providers for the construction and operation of hotels, restaurants, serviced apartments, aparthotels, patient hotels, etc.

The HOGASEARCH ONLINE MESSE offers news, brand portraits, specialist articles in online format. In addition, different event formats are offered around the topics of architecture and interior design, product presentation.

We curate our product partners in every form and ensure more visibility through online marketing For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Klimacard - The credit card for your employees

The new credit card for your employees combines the simplest solution for tax-free benefits in kind, employee motivation and sustainable commitment. Your employees use it like any other MasterCard ©, worldwide and free of charge, at over 36 million acceptance points - and at the same time your company makes a contribution to the protection and preservation of the environment.

With every 12th top-up of the KlimaCard by the employer, 0.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions are offset via gold standard climate protection projects. This compensation can be offset against the improvement of your company's carbon footprint. In addition, a deciduous tree is planted with every new KlimaCard that is issued.

more about Klimacard (PDF)

Lebensbaum - 100% organic tea, coffee and spices. No IFs, no BUTs, no artificials

Tree of Life - organic since 1979
Lebensbaum combines pure enjoyment with environmental awareness and social responsibility. The company has been producing organic tea, coffee and spices since 1979. The organic pioneer is committed to shaping the entire value chain in line with sustainable principles.

Offer for gastronomy and bulk consumers
For the catering trade, Lebensbaum offers a professionally tailored range of its own products - some in Demeter quality - and sensible container sizes in conjunction with sustainable and useful service items. These include practical storage jars and high-quality porcelain fittings from Kahla.

Partner for coffee expertise
Lebensbaum roasts its coffees slowly and not too hot and, of course, climate-neutral in their own roastery - one of the oldest organic roasters in Germany. The gentle long-term roasting breaks down unpleasant acids. This makes the coffee particularly aromatic and allows fine nuances to be worked out. The special service of the organic pioneer: The Lebensbaum baristas help both with the choice of the right bean and with the selection and setting of the coffee machine.

Sustainable enjoyment
Fair supply chains for Lebendbaum are particularly important. The We-Care certification confirms that the organic pioneer cares about sustainability along the supply chain - across the entire range. A great added value for guests too.

Lebensbaum products can be purchased from organic wholesalers and the Lebensbaum online shop for gastronomy and bulk consumers.

Contact Person:
Bjorn Wnuck T
eam leader gastronomy / bulk consumers C
offee sommelier & SCAE barista
Tel: +49 5441 9856-206
Fax: +49 5441 9856-101
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information is available at: www.lebensbaum.com/gastronomie

Medeco Cleantec - The green cleaning inventors

Green Cleaning was invented by our partner Medeco Cleantec and further developed into a sustainable and hygienic cleaning concept for use in the hotel and catering industry. And this is done with micro dry steam cleaners in various sizes together with the respective cleaning teams in the hotels.

This particularly environmentally friendly cleaning technology with micro-dry steam revolutionizes cleaning in hotels and restaurants! No cleaning agents are used. The result is massive savings, cleaner, fresh-smelling rooms and no allergy potential due to cleaning agent residues among staff and guests.

But how does this method work?
Even if everything seems clean at first glance, residues of dirt, cleaning agents and their fragrances form on floors, in joints and corners. Not to mention all the corners of the bathroom that you can hardly get to anyway. This can be avoided with micro dry steam. This is all the more important as more and more guests are demanding sustainability and are evaluating cleanliness in the rooms in a targeted manner. Micro dry steam with a water content of only 5% has excellent dirt-dissolving properties without damaging or soaking the surface. Surfaces dry faster and problem areas in sanitary and kitchen areas are easy to reach and clean, but carpets (and their stains), upholstery and dusting curtains are also possible. In addition to residue-free cleanliness and economic advantages, this new cleaning method has even more advantages. Cleaning with dry steam is more hygienic than conventional cleaning and achieves a germ reduction of up to 99.99% in the wiping process on surfaces.

Medeco Cleantec GmbH from Rosenheim has been selling the Micro Cleaner worldwide for many years, which is regularly further developed according to the requirements of various industries. Areas of application are HoReCa, the health industry (nursing, hospital, doctor's offices), supermarkets and retailers and many more. With the micro-dry steam technology, water is heated to 190 ° Celsius in a special boiler, and saturated steam with 5% water content is generated at over 9 bar. Hygienic, cleaner, sustainable, only with water.

Interested parties can arrange an on-site demonstration with cleaning analysis with Hans Heller at any time: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

By the way: 90% of the devices can currently be financed by the bridging aid!

Pacovis - Sustainable packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials

Pacovis Deutschland GmbH, is your innovative provider of packaging and consumables.

In our food packaging division, we offer our customers solutions for professional and functional food packaging. Important customer groups of ours include restaurateurs, bakeries, butchers and caterers.

Naturesse –  Nature at its best

Pacovis offers sustainable packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials under the Naturesse brand. Naturesse has been the competence for naturally produced and resource-saving packaging materials since 2003. Naturesse products are made from sugar cane fibers, palm leaves and plant starches and are 100% biodegradable.

You can find out more about Naturesse in the Naturesse-catalog

Pacovis will be happy to advise you personally and help you to optimally package and present your products. more about Pacovis...

Logo naturesse

Pacovis stirrerPacovis besteckPacovis becherPacovis trinkbecherPacovis gefaessPacovis tuecher

Pukka -The very special organic tea

Pukka Tee Genuss im Hotel

Pukka literally means "authentic" and that is the heart of everything we do: starting with the highest quality of our organic herbs, right through to the fact that fair trade is an essential principle for all of our products.

It is very important to us to create a healthier, happier world in which people are inspired by the incredible power of organic herbs to discover more about themselves and our beautiful planet.

Discover the diversity of Pukka and experience delicious organic herbs that stimulate, refresh, soothe or relax.

Feel the herbal power from now on!

Do you want to be part of Pukka? Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of special organic tea? Then contact us and we will answer all your questions about Pukka.

Contact: Lena-Maria Hofmann, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 040/696392746


Review Pro - Guest Intelligence solutions for the hotel and hospitality industry

ReviewPro is the world's leading provider of guest intelligence solutions in the hotel and hospitality industry with more than 60,000 hotels in 150 countries. Our ReviewPro’s Global Review Index ™ (GRI) is calculated from reviews of over 175 OTAs and websites in more than 45+ languages and is now considered an industry standard.

ReviewPro helps hotels to identify operational and service improvements and to effectively manage internal processes to exceed guest expectations, to improve their online ranking and to increase sales.

Online Reputations Management:

Manage your online reputation with our powerful cloud-based solution to offer better guest experiences and improve your ranking on review portals and OTAs.


Collect valuable direct feedback with our flexible surveys and see your review volume / rankings increase on Tripadvisor and other review portals.

Auto Case Management:

Ensure the timely resolution of problems that negatively affect guests' stays.

Guest Experience Automation ™:

Hoteliers thus have the opportunity to react immediately and automatically to incoming and recurring questions from guests (e.g. check-in & check-out, breakfast times, etc.) 24/7/365.

  • Fast integration of our pre-programmed chatbot on your website
  • No start-up time necessary - immediate use possible
  • Multilingual Chatbot
  • Free landing page with your branding
  • Set up automated cases (room service order, problems in the room, etc.)
  • Outbound messages via guest preference (WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Viber etc.) for e.g. upsell offer, information about Covid-19. Send booking etc.
  • Employees can intervene in the chat process at any time and take over communication if desired

contact detailst: Sarah-Estelle Wiegand, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +49 30 58849515 Extension 354510


rezemo - The wooden coffee capsule, filled with top-quality coffee for your hotel

With rezemo we combine nature and enjoyment into a new sustainable lifestyle and ensure an unforgettable coffee moment for your hotel guests.

The finest coffee beans, refined in traditional, traditional long-term drum roasting, make up our high-quality rezemo range with a selection of coffees, espressos and decafs - with us you will find the perfect coffee creation for your guests.

rezemo - for connoisseurs. For do-gooders. For all.

With us, coffee enjoyment meets the first coffee capsule that has been proven to consist of 100% renewable raw materials - the rezemo coffee capsule made of wood - from certified sustainable forestry.

  • Capsule made from renewable raw materials, thus CO2 neutral and naturally compostable
  • Completely manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

Developed in close cooperation with our hotel partners, we offer complete solutions including capsule machines and presentation sets.

In the hotel room, in the conference room or in the SPA area - with rezemo you leave a lasting impression on your guests. Of course, we would also be happy to work with you to develop tailor-made, individual solutions for your hotel.

We already work with a large number of GreenSign certified hotels, such as B. Lindner Hotels & Resorts, me and all hotels, Waldhotel Stuttgart, Hotel Schwarzwald Panorama and many more. Here we have proven ourselves as a service-oriented, trustworthy partner for sustainable and high-quality coffee capsule solutions. More information at: https://rezemo.de/geschaeftskunden/

Feel free to contact us: Stefan Zender, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +49 (0) 7151 9458901

Sentinel House Institute - Solutions for healthy rooms

With over 15 years of research knowledge and practical success, the Sentinel Haus Institute guarantees healthy and ecologically sustainable solutions, sometimes for the hotel market.

The Sentinel Haus Portal is Europe's largest database for healthier living and working, building and renovation. Consumers and professionals will find everything they need for a healthy hotel building here: specially trained experts, from craftsmen to architects, from building materials dealers to certified construction companies. In addition, the portal offers strictly tested products such as low-emission building materials, interior fittings and cleaning agents.

Every listed product is thoroughly examined for harmful substances in the laboratory by the Sentinel Haus Institut, so that you can find high-quality products for your hotel without extensive research and with maximum security. Sentinel Haus stands for a holistic solution concept that supports hotels and tourist sites in their planning, construction and operation phases in making decisions that are harmless to health and ecologically beneficial. Healthy buildings and interior fittings are legally secure, practical and affordable.

The Sentinel Haus portal shows you the way and the extensive network of Sentinel Haus consisting of science, institutes, authorities and associations is at your side with advice and action at every step of the process.

Find more infos and the portal HERE.

SWISSFEEL - Clean beds with a green mind

As a Swiss premium manufacturer of mattresses and pillows, SWISSFEEL offers a combination of permanently hygienic beds with the demand for sustainable products. This is made possible by the use of a special Swiss mineral foam, which guarantees that mattresses and pillows can be completely washed. Washing enables the usual product usability to be tripled as well as recycling at the end of the product's service life. In addition to OEKO-TEX certification and the allergy seal for house dust mite allergy sufferers, SWISSFEEL's innovative products not only offer optimal sleeping comfort and hygienic safety, but also greater cost-effectiveness with a green conscience at the same time.

Further information on sustainability at SWISSFEEL is available at: https://swissfeel.com/

TUTAKA - Sustainable shopping for hosts

TUTAKA makes sustainable shopping for hosts easy.

Hundreds of tested products can be found in the shop, from sustainable hotel slippers to environmentally friendly take away solutions to workwear with fair trade standards. Thanks to the transparent processing of information on sustainability, hosts can see at a glance what makes a product sustainable. TUTAKA takes a very careful look at the selection of its products - on various sustainability criteria and on added value for guests, hosts and employees. Every product is tested along the entire product life cycle. From the design to the materials used, the use of resources in manufacture, production conditions, transport routes and means, use and the end-of-life scenario. Hosts can rely on TUTAKA.

Byebye, greenwashing!

Web: www.tutaka.com
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 040 480 923 53

Sustainable communication

greenconferencehotels.com - Regional, ecological, healthy and future-oriented

GreenConferenceHotels.com is the first platform for unique, handpicked, authentic and sustainable conference hotels that have been selected according to the most important criteria for sustainability in the hotel industry and are certified with a recognized sustainability seal, including the GreenSign. The hotels presented pay particular attention to ecological, economic and social aspects without neglecting the high level of comfort and excellent service.

On GreenConferenceHotels.com companies can book their conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops conveniently and easily directly in sustainable conference hotels.


greenline-hotels.com - The No. 1 booking platform for sustainable travel

GreenLine Hotels GmbH recognized early on that green travel is much more than just a trend and that the future of tourism can only be guaranteed with sustainable development.

Auf der Buchungsplattform greenline-hotels.com finden Urlauber und Businessgäste individuelle und umweltfreundliche Hotels.

All hotels have been awarded sustainability certificates that are recognized internationally and by InfraCert - the Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry.

In addition to booking trips, customers also receive tips for a sustainable lifestyle, find out about new trends and get excited about exciting, sustainable breaks, whether in the city or in the country.


read greenup, live more sustainably!

greenup von BUSCHE Verlag

The sustainability magazine greenup sees itself as a source of inspiration and ideas for green beginners and advanced users and is produced by Busche Verlagsgesellschaft.

It reports on sustainable projects from the fields of economy, politics and society, natural cosmetics and fair fashion trends, ecological living and the right decoration. How can travel and hotel stays be made more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobile - but how? greenup gives its readers specific, meaningful tips for a consciously green life - compact and authentic.

100% green - inside and out:

The magazine has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner from front to back and has therefore been awarded the “Blue Angel for printed products”.


An ecological focus on all levels - we share this guiding principle and pass it on to your guests as added value. Greenup has been our media partner since it was first published in 2016. As a GreenSign-certified hotel, you will receive free amounts to display in your guest rooms with every new issue. The variety of topics in the magazine is a real added value for your guests during their stay, strengthens customer loyalty and once again conveys the sustainable orientation of your hotel.

  • half-yearly publication
  • Format: 21 x 27 cm
  • Volume: 112 pages
  • Categories: Beauty, Fashion, Building, Living, Profile, Investment, Travel / Mobility, Food and many more.

Get to know greenup better and request a free sample copy from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Pregas - The news and press portal

Pregas Presseportal

PREGAS is the leading news and press portal for the hotel, catering, tourism and MICE industries.

The press releases from PREGAS reach all relevant editorships in the specialist media from the travel, tourism, hotel, catering and MICE industries as well as thousands of readers, including hoteliers, restaurateurs and also conference and event planners.

Sharemagazine - The digital reading experience for your guests

digitaler Lesezirkel

sharemagazines is your partner for digital entertainment. The reading circle app of the same name for iOS and Android offers your hotel guests over 200 daily newspapers and magazines to read for free.

Users have unlimited access to all content via their own smartphone or tablet. The digital portfolio includes titles such as Die Welt Kompakt, Hamburger Abendblatt and Berliner Morgenpost. You can also read Business Punk, the women's magazine Brigitte and the Stern. Of course, children are not neglected either. For example, Bussi Bär magazine is there for them.

Whether in the hotel lobby or in the room - the service is freely available via GPS or WiFi as soon as you have downloaded the app onto your own device.

With the digital reading circle, you not only offer your guests an exclusive service, but also reduce your paper consumption, thereby saving costs and reducing CO2 consumption. Thanks to the sharemagazine RULEZ tool, you can load your own content such as guest folders, menus, wellness offers or reception opening times directly into the app. Every guest has the most important information at a glance on their own device and is well entertained.

Offer your guests unlimited access to daily newspapers and magazines for their entire stay!

Use the advantages of digitization with sharemagazines!

  • Unlimited number of guests read at the same time!
  • Large selection of content - fixed price!
  • Updated daily - no old magazines / newspapers!
  • Innovative, environmentally friendly concept sharpens your profile!
  • Hygienic - on your own device!
  • Add your own content!
  • Longer length of stay & higher consumption

Sustainable energy and mobility

ENERGIeTECH - Save costs and energy thanks to energy potential analysis

Nachhaltig saubere Energie

The European Institute for Energy Technology e.V. is a recognized non-profit association dedicated to the mission of climate protection through energy efficiency. For this purpose, we offer an excellent scorecard-based potential analysis that we developed ourselves, which considers and evaluates a total of 18 categories and their interlinking.

The potential analysis is available online, can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes and gives an initial assessment in euros as an immediate result. For everyone who would like to have more details, we offer a detailed view in the form of our energy forecast.

The planning, implementation and financing of the individual potentials can then take place via our cooperation partner, the European Platform for Energy Efficiency.

This leads directly to the potential analysis: www.ENERGIeTECH.org/greensign/

Greenpeace Energy - REAL clean energy for hotels

Nachhaltig saubere Energie

For Greenpeace Energy, as a cooperative active throughout Germany, responsible and sustainable action has always come before financial gain. The company supplies more than 180,000 customers, including around 13,500 business customers, with clean electricity and the innovative gas product proWindgas. Greenpeace Energy is organized as a cooperative with over 26,000 members. Their deposits ensure a solid equity base that ensures independence. The cooperative members are not only the company owners, but also customers at the same time, which ensures that interests are aligned: in an ecologically oriented business policy that does not focus on profit maximization.

We also plan, build, finance and operate plants ourselves through our subsidiary Planet energy. So far, the company has built and operates 14 wind farms and four photovoltaic systems. Planet energy is also involved in three other wind farms and implements electrolyser and tenant electricity projects for Greenpeace Energy. The total output of all power plants is 86 megawatts. This covers the annual electricity needs of more than 56,000 average households. Planet energy has so far invested more than 143 million euros in clean power plants. Further projects are being planned.

The commitment of Greenpeace Energy goes even further: We have a say when it comes to creating an energy policy framework. We are testing new concepts, for example for electromobility. We are committed to research projects to promote innovation and pave the way to a clean energy future.

Green electricity for GreenSign certified hotels

Your guests appreciate the sustainability that has been practiced for years and is constantly being further developed in your house. As an award for your commitment, you are certified with the GreenSign sustainability seal.

In order to make your hotel even more sustainable, InfraCert and Greenpeace Energy have jointly developed special conditions for green electricity and sustainable added value for hotels for member houses.

Your advantages as a GreenSign certified hotel:

  • Discounted conditions
  • No advance payment, no minimum contract period
  • Promotion of energy saving measures
  • Discounts for you and your employees when switching to Greenpeace Energy privately
  • Use Greenpeace Energy for your company advertising - e.g. with our logo on your website or with a Greenpeace Energy green electricity certificate in your business premises
GPE Buerogebaeude GPE WEA Buchhain c Mark Oliver Schulz GPW WP Frickenhofer Hoehe GPE WP Frickenhofer Hoehe2 GPE Weltklimatag GPE Windkraft

Senertec - Save up to 50% on energy costs


Whether increased air quality, powerful and customizable light, extravagant hair care or sustainable washroom hygiene: We at Dyson believe that even the smallest detail can help hotel guests feel even more comfortable and round off the overall hotel concept.

Strengthen your environmental awareness with the Dachs, the power plant for heat and electricity.

Like a conventional heater, the badger generates heat and hot water. What makes it so special: It also generates “green” electricity.

Of course, such an environmentally friendly energy system is also subsidized by the state and is also exempt from energy tax. Because a badger emits 50% less CO2 than is usual in Germany when generating electricity and heat separately.

With a badger you even have your own green filling station for electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric cars in the house and in the future "fill up" on your heating system - environmentally friendly and largely independent of rising electricity prices.

When the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, we have enough electricity from alternative sources. But what about when there is calm, in winter or at night? The badger - the combined heat and power system - supplements the environmentally friendly energy producers as the third power in the group.

Do you want to save up to 50% on energy costs and protect our environment at the same time?

More information can be found at www.senertec.de.

Senertec 1 Senertec 2 Senertec 3

Wirelane - The future of e-mobility

Nachhaltig saubere Energie

When hospitality begins in front of the hotel, the solution is Wirelane. With the change in mobility, the requirements for hotels are also changing, and parking spaces are becoming a potential charging option for electric cars. With the overall concept for charging infrastructure, Wirelane specifically addresses the requirements and needs of the hotel industry. Flexible business models as well as installation and support services should make it easier for your hotel business to integrate charging infrastructure. Welcome your guests.

HARDWARE - Different construction methods and equipment variants ensure that you not only get the right solution for your local circumstances and technical requirements from us, but also a piece of innovative technology, which is an investment in the future for you as a hotel company.

  • Wallbox Charging stations (1 and 2 charging points)
  • Tap payment module for contactless
  • EC and credit card payments Load management

SOFTWARE - Always keep track of your charging infrastructure. In addition to an optional connection to yours, our backend software offers you a direct interface for managing your workload.

SERVICE - We support you in the planning and commissioning of your charging infrastructure. Receive 24/7 support if you have any questions so that one of your guests never has to park without a load. And should a malfunction occur, our network of electricians is just a phone call away.

Wirelane offers hardware and software that are perfectly matched to one another, as well as outstanding service. We are a Munich company and produce our charging stations in Germany under the highest quality standards.

Further information on our product range for the hotel industry can be found on our product page.

Or contact our Director of Sales Hospitality & Mobility directly - Thorsten Schulz - +49 (0) 151 142 959 62 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training and advising sustainably

Hotel Consulting Green Solutions

Hotel Consulting

Hotel Consulting Green Solutions stands for many years of expertise in the hotel industry, first-class commercial expertise, creativity and passion as well as sustainability.

We understand sustainability as a social responsibility with the prospect of a successful future. Our sustainable solutions for the hotel industry and tourism are always individually adapted to the traditions and corporate culture of the company. As a strategic partner, we see ourselves drawing on many years of expertise and developing innovative business models, services and processes for your company together with you with great passion.

Scientists, visionaries, experts, planners and doers: Our diverse team consists of hoteliers, financial experts, sustainability specialists, content marketing talents, PR specialists, coaches, online marketers, graphic designers, analysts and project developers and unites their talents to a common goal: To ensure the highest quality.

You can find out in which areas  we support you sustainably here: https://www.hotelbetreuung.de/green-solutions

AMPULS.consulting - consistently · sustainably · structure

Ampuls Consulting

AMPULS.consulting is a self-sufficient management consultancy with a focus on economic sustainability. We are business partners for companies, organizations and brands that want to shape the future responsibly and successfully.

Mareike Reis - Housekeeping specialist

Praxisnahe Begleitung mit Mareike Reis

The hotel business economist advises, trains and coaches hotels successfully with her team on the subject of HOLISTIC HOUSEKEEPING: Quality management, leadership, implementation in practice, implementation of cleaning and hygiene concepts and supports housekeepers with her mentoring program.

After several positions in the (luxury) hotel industry, etc. As a head housekeeper, she started her own consulting company in 2016.

The housekeeping specialist is also in demand as an author, moderator and speaker.


Houskeeping Day 2021

MORITZ Consulting - We think economy

Moritz Consulting, Academy

We accompany people and teams in companies in change processes in order to optimize potential. Develop and strengthen your own personality and redefine and design processes. That is a great responsibility and not something for “consultants”.

We are supporters and companions for sustainable corporate development through

  • Corporate culture and brand research
  • Seminars, trainings and advanced training workshops
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Quality and change management

More knowledge - more success: personality and corporate development

MORITZ Academy

... offers a range of training courses for specialists and executives from all departments and management in the hotel. The venue is the headquarters of MORITZ Hotelconsulting at Helene-Lange-Straße 8 in 14469 Potsdam. By prior arrangement, the training courses can also take place in other rooms / hotels and in other regions.

Book your participation in a seminar via InfraCert and benefit from particularly low prices.

 Sustainable investment

GLS Bank - What you can do with your money

GLS Bank

Money is there for people - the GLS Bank has been working according to this principle since 1974. As the first socio-ecological bank, it is the pioneer in sustainable banking. It offers all the services of a modern bank: from current accounts with credit cards to savings offers, provisions, financing and investments to donations and gifts (in cooperation with GLS Treuhand).

The special thing about it is that it invests exclusively in companies and projects in the social, ecological and cultural area according to detailed criteria.

This includes ecological agriculture, regenerative energies, the organic sector, independent schools and kindergartens, facilities for the disabled, housing projects, health and culture.

Since it was founded, GLS Bank has worked with high transparency standards. This means that it not only discloses the principles of its business, but also publishes the names of all the companies it funds.

In other words, all corporate loans that are made possible by the money invested by their customers. It also makes its own investments, which are non-speculative, transparent. (Loans to private individuals are of course protected.) Members and customers of GLS Bank therefore know where their money is effective.

With its targeted socio-ecological investments on the one hand and its comprehensive transparency on the other hand, the GLS Bank offers meaningful and future-oriented banking services - with three times the profit: human, future-oriented, economical.

We are always open to new partners and innovative sustainable solutions!

Become part of the GreenCommunity with your product or service!

If you meet the following requirements, you are exactly the right partner for us:

  • You are offering a green, sustainable product or service that produces little or no emissions

  • It is a hotel or catering-related product

  • There are guaranteed no unethical elements in your production process, such as child labor

  • During production, you make sure to keep the negative impact on the environment as low as possible

  • Your company has a positive image and a high level of customer satisfaction

  • Your company creates added value for society and the green community

  • Your business model serves as a role model for others

Are you interested in a partnership?

Become a partner of the Green Community and use the network to meet and address sustainable hoteliers, restaurateurs and like-minded people. With its large number of certified hotels in all categories, our Green Community is a pioneer for the industry. With the help of our events and seminars with hoteliers, as well as numerous blogs, newsletters, trade fair appearances and media presence online / offline, we want to bring you together and always keep you up to date. Use this opportunity to present your product to exactly the right target group! send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +49 30 318 628 422