"The world is so beautiful and worth it that you fight for it."

Ernest Hemingway

We set a green sign for the sustainable hotel industry!

An intact environment is the basis for our life and the existence and quality of life of future generations. Tourism in particular is dependent on a healthy and aesthetically attractive nature. Our descendants should also be able to travel with joy.

We support actors in tourism in creating sustainable experiences, inspiring guests and getting involved ecologically and socially. Sustainability should be seen as an opportunity for positive change, which even saves costs in the long term and implies a competitive advantage.

With our GreenSign sustainability certificate we offer, among other things Hoteliers a practical implementation and long-term solution to continuously develop in sustainable management, to increase their cost and environmental efficiency, to attract and retain skilled workers, to reach new groups of guests and also to market their hotel in a future-oriented and attractive way.

In addition to the certificate, we also offer hoteliers in our GreenCommunity a large network of sustainable partners and the right know-how for continuous sustainable and digital development.

Our motto

If implemented correctly, sustainability can inspire and be fun. It is increasingly becoming an important competitive factor for hotels.

We make our contribution to environmental and resource protection and encourage hoteliers and tourism professionals to act in an innovative, climate-friendly and socially responsible manner.

Our guiding principle

Tourism will not do without sustainability in the long run. The number of guests with a pronounced sustainability orientation is rising steadily and only those who act now will celebrate success tomorrow.

We want to encourage people in the tourism industry to commit to ecological, socially responsible and sustainable business practices with meaningful changes and to live this with joy and conviction. Sustainable tourism is the future and we want every hotelier and employee to be aware of their responsibility towards the environment and future generations.

Our goal is to motivate hoteliers, to be more sustainable, i.e. to a more conscious use of resources, more regionality, improvement of processes, waste avoidance and an appropriate handling of the staff, without teaching them.

We combine our passion for a “green lifestyle” and for traveling, with modern, future-oriented and ecological corporate management.

Our mission

We want to help hoteliers to find useful solutions and alternatives with economic incentives and to keep hotel operations innovative and profitable in the long term with an environmental strategy. Environmentally friendly behavior does not mean waivers or bans. With the GreenSign, guests can be shown that sustainability and comfort are not a contradiction and do not necessarily have to cost more.

We want to inform and inspire hoteliers to consciously develop their operational processes and to improve them sustainably, while finding the balance between ecology and economy.

We ourselves are also committed to the environment. We do our best to continuously improve quality and always preserve our naturalness and uniqueness.

Our values

"Paths are created by walking them."

© Franz Kafka

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and future generations.

Our common values are our guideposts, which set the direction and goal and determine our corporate character. They were created together in a team, are clearly defined and are supported by all of us:

  • We are always open to new ideas and our work is characterized by a fresh, happy team spirit

  • We identify with our company and want to continue to lead it to success with our creativity, our fun and our dedication

  • We pay attention to an unprecedented work-life balance, to our health and to a friendly, solidary, respectful and familial relationship with one another

  • We also invest in young people and give the next generation a chance - through our student programs and internship opportunities, we receive fresh ideas and sustainable esprit, which we appreciate and use productively

  • Our daily interaction is characterized by appreciation, seriousness and loyalty to all customers, partners and colleagues

  • We see suggestions and criticisms as an opportunity

  • Economic success and qualitative growth ensure the company's continued existence

  • We use our profits to improve our performance and expand our sustainable activities

  • We want to stand out with our courage, ambition, self-confidence and originality

  • With honesty, openness and as a key trendsetter, we secure our trusting customer relationship

  • We have a smart cost perception and check even small expenses for benefit and sustainability

  • We constantly adapt our quality level to the latest findings and keep putting ourselves to the test in order to be sustainably successful

Many hoteliers live sustainability with us

Flair Hotel 4 Jahreszeiten

Gästehaus Lindenhof

Lindner Hotel Berlin Ku'damm

Bayerischer Hof Dresden

Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz

Landhaus Beckmann

me and all hotels

Hotel Post Laichingen

We have a yen for sustainability!

For us, dynamic, resource-conserving and green corporate management is uncontradicted. We want to act as a role model when it comes to sustainability and have the advantage of having a huge network of sustainable partners and advanced knowledge.

An authentic, constructive and permanent sustainability dialogue with hoteliers, partners and the public is important to us.

We have adapted our own operating processes to the sustainability guidelines and we have already implemented the following measures:
  • We procure green electricity

  • We work almost paperless

  • We print our print products in a climate-neutral way

  • Our office is completely PET free

  • We offset the CO2 emissions of our website

  • Our company car is a plug-in hybrid with a solar roof

  • We are constantly developing our sustainability, we run a balanced scorecard and we keep putting the tasks to the test

  • We communicate our sustainability concept through all media in order to inspire others

Our sustainable commitment

We plant trees

We also get our hands dirty for environmental protection and we are actively involved. To do this, we work together with our partner Klimapatenschaft GmbH, which organizes many nature conservation projects. Every year the entire GreenSign team, together with hoteliers and other companies, plants 10,000 deciduous trees to enrich the groundwater during a large tree-planting campaign.

We support social projects

We are also socially committed to counteracting social inequality and giving something back. We actively support the Paddel Kids e.V. - a non-profit association that runs holiday camps in the green nature for children from socially disadvantaged families.

We promote more sustainability

We organize panel discussions on sustainable topics. The interchange in the industry is very important to us and, as pioneers, we want to excite and inspire the players in the hotel industry.

Our vision

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Walt Disney (1901-66)

Sustainability has long ceased to be a euphoria or a trend, but an indispensable aspect of every company. We understand "green" as a philosophy of innovation, responsibility and quality to minimize business risks. Only those who effectively integrate sustainability into their business have the chance of long-term success.

Wir sind uns sicher, dass der Nachhaltigkeitsgedanke für immer mehr Gäste ein Kriterium bei der Auswahl des Reiseziels wird und sie mit dem Hotelier künftig stärker in einen Dialog zu wichtigen gesellschaftspolitischen und ökologischen Themen treten werden.

We want to further expand the network of GreenSign Hotels and we want as many hoteliers as possible to contribute to making the general guest experience more sustainable on an ecological and social level.

The further development of our "GreenCommunity" network with an even greater interchange between sustainable hoteliers and stakeholders is essential. We want to help find new technologies and sustainable products that reduce CO2, conserve resources and reduce waste without increasing operating costs.

Together we are uniquely green!