Reduce and avoid CO2 emissions

The reduction of CO2 emissions is of great importance in the fight against climate change. Around 5% of all climate-damaging emissions worldwide are caused by tourism. In addition to a sustainability certificate, emissions accounting and the reduction of the carbon footprint are decisive for the success of a hotel business.

GreenSign-certified hotels now have the opportunity, in cooperation with climate sponsors, to have the CO2 footprint created for their hotel operations and receive valuable support in reducing CO2 emissions.

When creating the CO2 footprint, the CO2 emissions that the hotel causes within one year are calculated on a scientific basis. The aim is to obtain a precise overview of the CO2 emissions that are released in the course of business activities and to identify the high-emission stages in the value chain. The climate-damaging CO2 is produced depending on the features and equipment of hotels, such as the building fabric, lighting, air conditioning, waste recycling, product use, as well as heating and cooling systems.

For sustainable hotel management, it is essential to keep the CO2 footprint per guest and overnight stay as low as possible through modern, energy-efficient technology and sustainability initiatives. Heat recovery, green electricity or even self-produced energy supply, regional suppliers and employee training on energy efficiency are efficient measures for reducing the CO2 footprint. The experts from GreenSign and Klimapatenschaft support the hotelier with custom-made measures to reduce CO2 emissions, save resources and cut costs.

Hoteliers can ideally communicate their sustainable commitment with a GreenSign certification and, in addition, present the measures to reduce their CO2 footprint to the public. Anyone who takes concrete savings measures after creating this footprint in order to reduce the emissions of the hotel, and can demonstrate a significant reduction in the next measurements in the following years, can present themselves authentically, verifiably and attractively to the growing target group of sustainable travelers and place successfully in the market.

Not all CO2 emissions can be completely avoided. The unavoidable emissions can be offset in recognized national and international climate protection projects. To this end, the UN and international environmental protection organizations have developed methods of calculating the CO2 emissions associated with measures. Offsetting through climate protection projects helps to bind greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and render them “harmless” - and thus offset the global climate balance. The unavoidable emissions from hotel operations are neutralized and therefore no longer have any impact on the climate. After offsetting all unavoidable CO2 emissions, hoteliers receive the climate sponsorship seal “climate-neutral hotel”.

However, avoiding and reducing emissions should always have priority over compensation. In addition, hoteliers receive effective support from InfraCert and Klimapatenschaften and an ideal way of communication about their sustainable hotel management.

Carbon footprint, CO2 reduction and CO2 offsetting for your hotel

We show you how to protect the environment and nature, redefine values and communicate it in such a way that you are perceived as part of the new tourism.

Our offer

We create the CO2 footprint for your hotel business and support you in reducing the CO2 emissions of your hotel. Unavoidable emissions can be offset in national and international climate protection projects of the highest quality standard.

  • You get a quick and uncomplicated overview of the CO2 emissions of your hotel and the emission levels of your added value.

  • With tailored measures, you can reduce CO2 emissions, save resources and cut costs.

  • You can use all data of the CO2 footprint, as well as your commitment to emission reduction and CO2 compensation for your environmental and energy management as well as your sustainability reporting.

  • For carbon offsetting, we present you with a portfolio of high-quality, regional and international climate protection projects that correspond to your philosophy.

  • After offsetting all unavoidable CO2 emissions, you will receive our “climate-neutral hotel” seal that you can use for your communication.

Everything you need to know about carbon footprint, reduction and offsetting for hotels

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