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Terms such as sustainability, climate protection and carbon footprint – reduction are becoming increasingly important, both for companies of all sizes and for individual citizens. Credible certification with an integrated environmental management system helps to strengthen a positive image, provides a valuable competitive advantage and helps companies to successfully acquire customers, as well as to effectively conserve resources, save costs and optimize internal processes. In addition, it serves to increase employee satisfaction and to provide greater opportunities for recruiting young employees. In cooperation with our partners we also offer certifications for restaurants, destinations and events.

GreenSign Hotel

The N°1 sustainability certification for the hotel industry in Europe.

The GSTC-recognized audit system evaluates and documents ecological, social and economic aspects of hotel management in over 100 criteria in eight core areas. This ACTUAL status assessment provides the perfect basis for a continuous improvement process in sustainability. With the practical and transparent GreenSign certification you strengthen employee satisfaction, gain more visibility and improve the energy and environmental efficiency of your hotel. In addition, the GreenSign hotel certification includes the calculation of the carbon footprint. Ensure qualitative and quantitative growth and benefit from a large network and numerous networking events.

Moar Gut Hotel in Österreich
Arbeitsplatz Office

GreenSign Office

The 360° solution for sustainability in your office.

GreenSign Office represents an ideal guide for sustainable orientation and is available to all interested businesses in any industry. This certification signals to potential investors, partners, regulators, and the public that a company is committed to long-term viability and the responsible use of resources. It also helps the business to become more aware of potential for improvement in all areas of social, economic and environmental sustainability. The GreenSign Office criteria are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and include eight core areas of sustainable management for an office of any size.

GreenSign SPA

Relax sustainably.

Wellness should not only promote the health of people, but also the health and preservation of nature. For this reason, we have developed a sustainable certification for SPAs, Thermal baths and wellness facilities. The areas of environment, architecture and sustainable building concept, relaxation and exercise, beauty, nutrition as well as social commitment are highlighted. The more than 100 criteria follow recognized frameworks, such as the ISO 14001, the ISO 26000 and GSTC, and map the ACTUAL state in the SPA. The GreenSign SPA enables a positioning as a sustainable wellness business and helps with the ongoing development of sustainability. Let’s break down the supposedly fine line between luxury and environmental protection and offer your SPA guests unparalleled sustainable wellness experiences with resource-saving and climate-friendly processes!

Füße am Steg
Frau wacht auf im Hotelzimmer

GreenSign Health

Because health is the most important good.

Health and well-being are more than ever the focus of hotel guests. Employees are also increasingly including healthy working conditions as a priority in their choice of future employer. Sustainable management means prioritizing environmental protection measures as well as sustainable health care and constantly developing further in this respect. The additional qualification was developed by the GreenSign Institute in cooperation with the Sentinel Haus Institute and is now certified and audited by GreenSign. More than 50 criteria are tested in relation to the pollutant load of rooms, hygiene standards, indoor air quality, chemical-free cleaning, water quality and the lighting concept. Find out now whether your hotel is safe and openly present the health quality to your guests with GreenSign Health!

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