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GreenSign – The sustainability seal for hotels

GreenSign is the program and the seal for sustainability in the hotel industry

GreenSign allows hotels to position itself as a sustainable company in the national and international market. Hotels, that are certified by GreenSign, stand for a sustainable hotel management and comply with criteria in unison with ecological demands, corporate citizenship and economic success.

Publisher of GreenSign is InfraCert – Institute for sustainable development in the hotel industry

The 85 criteria of the inspection catalogue are based on international recognized frameworks for sustainability like the ISO 14001 (Eco-Management and Audi Scheme (EMAS)), the ISO 26000 (Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) and adapted to the hotel industry.

They comprise seven core areas for maintaining a sustainable economy: “Management and communication”, “Environment (Energy, water and waste)”, “Purchase”, “Regionalism and mobility”, “Quality management and sustainable development”, “social responsibility” and “Economic responsibility” and express a continuous quality assurance and a responsible approach towards the future.

The sustainability performance of your house will be rated according to the inspection report of the expert from GreenSign Level 1 up to GreenSign Level 5. For receiving a Level 1 rating at least 50 percent of the required criteria need to be fulfilled within the seven core areas. The highest award, GreenSign Level 5, presupposes a sustainability performance of over 80 percent. A development to a higher sustainability level can occur at any time and requires an additional audit for its verification. An annual supervising audit in the following 2 years ensures, that a continuous process of improvement regarding the hotel’s sustainability aspects is guaranteed.

The certificate GreenSign Hotel is valid for a total of 3 years

All hotels undergo a local examination by an independent expert in the form of an audit. The audit ends with a qualified report, a so-called declaration of sustainability. In the following two years of the certification an annual supervising audit is planned. It is based on a, by the hotel at the beginning of the certification process individually determined, sustainability measures program, that illustrates defined sustainability aspects in the seven core areas and their goals in the hotel.

Therefore hoteliers and clients have the security, that certified GreenSign Hotels satisfy high quality standards to maintaining a sustainable economy. In addition to that an independent and high-ranking advisory board functions as a controlling and advising instance during the process of certification.

Certification application

More than 100 certified hotels from in- and outside of Germany speak for the high acceptance of GreenSign Hotel.

GreenSign – the sustainability seal for hotels

Level 1

First approaches towards fulfilling the sustainability concept are visible.

Level 2

The hotel presents a well-grounded orientation towards sustainability.

Level 3

In almost all areas of the hotel the sustainability concept is being implemented and lived.

Level 4

The hotel largely meets the requirements for a sustainable economic activity.

Level 5

The hotel’s sustainability concept serves as role model and takes on the best possible orientation.


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