The association MaxTex was founded in 2014 and is a forum for businessmen/-women, experts, decision makers, lateral thinkers and visionaries in the textile management. Sustainability, with all its facets, is a topic continuously gaining in importance. Therefore it is impossible to meet the social challenges of the present while using the one-sided recipes of the past. New, cross-border ways of social commitment in a volunteer cooperation of companies along the value chain, non-profit organisations, initiatives for civil society and the public sector are needed.

MaxTex supports proven, environmental friendly action, the assumption of social responsibility, as well as social cooperation in the area of the textile industry and textile services, the clients and stakeholders.

MaxTex follows the goal to strengthen the comprehensive developments of the industries while at the same time considering the special demands of the clients and end-consumers in regards to sustainable production and service. The hotel industry, with its versatile possible applications and high demands, is target group and important partner at the same time.

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