Greenpeace Energy

For Greenpeace Energy, being a Germany-wide committed cooperative society, a responsible and sustainable action has always been more important than the financial gain. The company supplies more than 130,000 customers, including around 9,400 business customers, with clean electricity and the innovative gas product proWindgas. Greenpeace Energy is organized as a cooperative with almost 24,000 members. Their deposits provide a solid equity base that ensures independence. The members of the cooperative are not only the owners of the company, but at the same time also customers, which ensures the same interests in an ecologically oriented business policy that does not rely on profit maximization.

They also plan, build, finance and operate plants themselves through their subsidiary Planet energy. So far, the company has built and operates ten wind farms and three photovoltaic plants. In addition, Planet energy is involved in three additional wind farms and realizes electrolyser and tenant electricity projects for Greenpeace Energy. The total output of all power plants is 78 megawatts. This covers the annual electricity requirement of around 51,000 average households. In total, Planet energy has invested over ÔéČ 140 million in clean power plants so far. Further projects are in the planning.

However, the commitment of Greenpeace Energy goes even further: they are involved in creating energy policy framework conditions. They are testing new concepts, for example on electromobility. They work with research projects to promote innovation and pave the way for a clean energy future.

Complete company profile (PDF)

Green electricity for GreenSign certified hotels

Your guests value the sustainability that has been practiced for years and is constantly being developed in your house. As a reward for your commitment, you are certified with the GreenSign sustainability label.

In order to increase the sustainability at your hotel, InfraCert and Greenpeace Energy have jointly developed special conditions for green electricity and sustainable value for hotels.

Your benefits as a GreenSign certified hotel:

  • Discounted conditions
  • No prepayment, no minimum contract period.
  • Promotion of energy saving measures.
  • Benefits for you and your employees when switching to Greenpeace Energy.
  • Use Greenpeace Energy for your corporate advertising - e.g. with our logo on your website or with a greenpeace energy eco-electricity certificate in your premises.

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