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Sustainable tourism is more in the media and of importance than ever. The expectations of the guests, of the society and of the investors increase as well as the sense of responsibility of the hoteliers. Many hoteliers and innkeepers realized this already, but for many the question „Where should we start and which is the best „green“ way to go?“ remains.

We are on another level by now as we have dealt with this topic regarding hotel management, marketing and certification many years having researched about sustainability in the hotel industry throughout the last decade. Now we want to support hoteliers and gastronomers to improve their ecological and economical situation and make them join us on our green path. This path is actually quite easy to pursue and enables the hotelier to save costs effectively!

In our community we have numerous GreenSign-certfied hotels and the GreenCommunity specifically has developed into a big network of companies that offer sustainable products and services, which are related to the hotel and gastronomy field.

We increase your visibility for your clients

Through the GreenCommunity we do not only connect you to important partners of the hotel and gastronomy field, but also support your positioning as a sustainable business in the national and international market.

Together we are stronger achieving a much higher awareness among guests, stakeholders and media than a single hotelier could ever achieve.

We place your hotel on multiple portals that focus on sustainable travelling and we make sure that it is visible for travel agencies as well as DER-Tour, Thomas Cook, FTI etc.

We are always keeping you up-to-date for the future!

We love learning from eachother and sharing our knowledge offering you solutions regarding the sustainable and digital development in the hotel industry by bundling our know-how in the community.

We inform our community continuously about recent trends in society, politics and technology that often affect the guests‘ behaviour.

At our events such as the GreenCommunity-Days and better.connect Events, organised from the north to the south of Germany on a regular basis, you have the opportunity to get in touch with us personally while we talk to you about helpful topics regarding the hotel industry, the environment and recent technologies.

Together green – GreenCommunity Partner-Network

Initially the team of Infracert – Institute for Sustainable Development in the hotel industry had the idea to take this path giving sustainable suppliers the opportunity to offer their services and products directly to sustainable hoteliers over a common platform. But we can only continue to grow and improve this interface of suppliers, partners and hoteliers if we work together and learn from eachother.

GreenCommunity = TOGETHER + UNIQUE + GREEN.

GreenSign – more than just a seal for sustainability in the hotel industry  

The GreenSign sustainability program stands for corporate responsibility in the long run enabling any hotel to analyse and optimize processes especially regarding energy and resource efficiency, quality management, client approach and strengthening of the staff loyalty.

A quick glance at the advantages pays off:

 greensign advantages

This unique system consists of 5 levels and can therefore be applied by any hotel to improve their business sustainably.

Level 1

The first approach to the sustainability concept is already made.

Level 2

The hotel has already implemented the sustainability concept.

Level 3

The sustainability concept is implemented and in force in almost all hotel day-to-day activities.

Level 4

The hotel performs most of the core criteria of sustainable business.

Level 5

The sustainability concept is fully integrated in all business processes.

Easy way to your GreenSign seal

Your GreenSign certification fast easy transparent GreenSign

application certification

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