„ Think about tomorrow today.“

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important - both for companies of all sizes and for private individuals. The aim is to enable lasting economic prosperity, to provide social balance and to preserve the natural foundations of life for future generations. Political, economic, social and consumer technology developments play a major role in optimizing environmental and resource consumption.

Sustainable development therefore means that the needs of today's generation are met without jeopardizing that future generations cannot meet their needs. Your goal is to bring the environment, society and economy into balance.

Sustainability can therefore be divided into the economic, ecological and social dimensions, which should always be treated equally:

  • The economic aspect primarily aims to ensure that economic action should not only be constructed at short notice, but must also be stable and stable. The focus is not on quick profits, but on creating a solid basis that also secures future earnings that arise from the use of existing resources.

  • The ecological aspect is based on a far-sighted and considerate use of natural resources. In order to ensure the ecological conditions of human survival for current and future generations, living in an ecologically sustainable way of life and working with the limited availability of natural resources should be appropriate.

  • The social dimension is concerned with ensuring a decent life, fair distribution and equal opportunities. In business, it encompasses the working conditions and health promotion of employees, but also the aspects of human rights along the entire value chain.

Sustainable development therefore only works if all three aspects are included, which serve as guidelines for companies in all industries who want to deal with sustainability.

In the hotel industry too, the implementation of sustainable initiatives in corporate strategy seems to be steadily increasing. With the growing expectations of hotel guests and other stakeholders, the anchoring of an ecological and social commitment with a simultaneous economic assurance of long-term management has become almost indispensable.

An environmentally conscious hotel management appeals to today's guest and a transparent sustainability certification supports the positioning as a sustainable company in the national and international market. With GreenSign you also set an example and benefit from a practical, vivid and dynamic management system.