Greentable - The initiative for sustainability in gastronomy

Greentable is the first German non-profit initiative for sustainability in gastronomy. Greentable bundles companies in the out-of-home market whose principles correspond to the independently developed criteria of responsible use of resources, regional and seasonal purchasing and social commitment and presents them on a common platform.

The initiative offers the network of restaurants and cafés, suppliers, producers and consumers a platform for information and exchange on "green enjoyment" and supports its members in developing and presenting their sustainable profile to the public.

In 2015 Greentable was initiated by the co-initiators of the highly regarded “Restlos genießen” campaign and has already received several awards from the German Sustainability Council.

Warum tun wir das? Weil wir fest davon überzeugt sind, dass die Zukunft der Gastronomie in der Nachhaltigkeit liegt – ökologisch, ökonomisch und nicht zuletzt im Mehr-Genuss für den Gast. Denn grüner schmeckt besser!