GreenSign Health

The certification for
a healthier hotel

Start now with the GreenSign certification for a more sustainable and healthy hotel, powered by Sentinel Haus Institut

Ecological sustainability and health-related well-being are very well connected, since a healthy environment is the central component of a health promotion.

Future-proof business managament means prioritzing, implementing and further developing measures for environmental protection as well as for preventive health care.

Hotels that are certified with GreenSign Health represent conscious, sustainable and healthier facilities and management. They fulfill relevant criteria in order to grant employees, guests, partners and investors access to pollution- and emission-free and hygenic experiences.

Health is a quality aspect - The benefits for your hotel at one glance

Welcoming comfort

  • Satisfied guests and employees 

  • Health as a selection criterion

  • Increased comfortability

  • Sustainable and healthy accomodation for your guests

Marketing advantages


  • Security regarding healthy room air

  • Legal compliance

  • Antagonize pandemic-related fears and meet expectations

Travellers are becoming more attentive not only towards sustainability, but as well when it comes to health-related aspects. This includes the topics of pollution-free guest rooms, hygiene standards, chemical-free cleaning or the right quality of light.

Health is a diverse, sensitive and very individual topic. Especially for babies, toddlers and older people the risk to suffer from allergies or asthma due to unhealthy rooms increases.

Combined competences for a more sustainable and healthy hotel management

Peter Bachmann, CEO of Sentinel Haus Institute and Suzann Heinemann, CEO of Infracert Institute are two well-known pioneers in the health- and sustainability industry. Being visionaries for a sustainable and healthy future, they have combined their powers in order to accompany hotels on an environmentally-friendly path without compromising on the security or comfort of guests or employees.

The GreenSign Health certification has been developed by InfraCert - Institute for Sustainable Development in close co-operation with Sentinel Haus Institut. It is certified and audited by InfraCert.

Peter Bachmann,
CEO Sentinel Haus Institute

„Health and sustainability are inseparable from each other. Future-proof building, modernizing and managing of immobilia/hotels requires measurable health and authentic sustainability.“

Suzann Heineman,
CEO InfraCert Institute

„For me, sustainability and health very much belong together when we want to provide a secure accomodation for our employees and guests.“

Suzann Heinemann und Peter Bachmann

Health meets sustainability

...and GreenSign makes the perfect combination possible.

In 2021, the GreenSign sustainability certification was extended by the additional module „GreenSign Health“ with about 50 health criteria. This way, hotels can have their health responibility checked and audited for the guests and hotels.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, and people wish for ressource-saving, energy-efficient and climate-friendly alternatives in their freetime and while travelling.

The GreenSign sustainability certification stands for sustainable hotel management and promises a continuous further development of a hotel's sustainable performance.

Hotels that are furthermore certified with GreenSign Health stand for the fulfillment of relevant health criteria and can therefore boost the security and comfort of their guests.

If your hotel does not fulfill a sufficient amount of health criteria after the initial GreenSign Health evaluation, the catalogue provides you with many inspirations and helpful information in order to further develop your hotel building in a sustainable matter.  Additionally, the Sentinel Haus Institute Team is happy to answer all questions and set up a consultation talk.

By the way: The GreenSign Health certification is also possible, when your hotel does not have the GreenSign sustainability certification. We recommend a certification with GreenSign & GreenSign Health for the full package of health and sustainability for your hotel. 

Logo GreenSign und GreenSign Health

This is following...

"Do good and tell it to the world" - due to the transparent and authentic certification system, the GreenSign Health is a fitting tool in order to generate positive attention and create a long-term positive image of your business. Infracert and Sentinel Haus Insititute support you in the promotion of your health commitment to raise awareness amongst your visitors and acquire new target groups and stakeholders.

GreenSign Health certified business benefit, amongst others, from:

  • a GreenSign Health wooden sign for the entrance area

  • a GreenSign Health certificate including the GreenSign Health level and health barometer

  • GreenSign Health logo and widget for integration on the company website

  • Integration in the Fit for Living Portal of Sentinel Haus institute, exclusively for GreenSign Health clients with many tips & tricks

  • Listing of your hotel on the websites of InfraCert and Sentinel Haus

  • Access to the product database by Sentinel Haus Institute with a wide variety of healthy products for your hotel

  • Opportunity to get your GreenSign Health flyer individually designed as an informatiory tool for your hotel guests

  • Representation of your company in the press and social media channels by InfraCert

  • Integration in the GreenCommunity with access to InfraCert's partner netwrk

  • Participation in GreenSign networking events and acitivities

References for good healthy and sustainable hospitality

The hotel Schwarzwald Panorama is situated in Bad Herrenalb, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Since 2019 it is certified with the GreenSign sustainability certification and has reached a very special level 5 out of 5. As the first hotel that is GreenSign Health certified, it furthermore takes responsibility for a healthy work- and vacation environment for its employees and guests.

„From my perspective, the expansion of the GreenSign certification with the aspect "health" is quite meaningful and overdue. In the end, everything that surrounds living organisms, humans, animals and our entire environment has affects on our health.

We have known for a long time that pesticides and preventive use of antibiotics in conventional agriculture not only end up in our bodies, but are also a massive burden on our environment that cause high follow-up for us (...). 

The GreenSign Health certification gives us useful tools for detecing and reducing pollutions and emissions in our hotel. This way we reach a healthy life quality for all living beins, better working conditions for our employees and a higher sleep quality of our guests. Because of this I am very happy about the possibility and congratulare the initiators to this valuable and important step.“

Stephan Bode (Geschäftsführer, Hotel Schwarzwald Panorama)

3 steps to the GreenSign Health certification

1. Submit a certification application

By filling out and submitting the application form, InfraCert receives your request directly. You will quickly receive an application confirmation by e-mail with an offer and we will be happy to clarify any open questions on the phone. A

fter signing the contract, we will send you further information and the GreenSign Health criteria catalogue to be filed out by your hotel.

GreenSign Antrag online anfordern
2. Complete the certification catalog & self-evaluation

The next step of the certification process is the self-evaluation of your company through filling out the criteria catalogue.

The almost 50 criteria of the health certification follow recognized guidelines and are answered in a way that indicated the current status quo in the hotel.

These are the seven core areas for healthy business management:

  • Room air quality

  • Use of low-emission products

  • Light quality

  • Hygiene concepts

  • Trainings for employees

  • Water quality

  • Interior

3. Audit and award with GreenSign Health

All hotels undergo an on-site inspection by an independent expert (audit).

After a successful certification process, InfraCert awards the GreenSign Health certificate including the certificate.

The certification takes place for three years and enables transparent documentation and credible communication of the sustainability performance for the period.

GreenSign Health Holzschild

Start today with the GreenSign Health certification and get your hotel checked on sustainable and health-related aspects by InfraCert and Sentinel Haus Institute.

The certitication catalogue offers an assessable entry point into relevant and measureable health criteria which will be noticed and appreciated by your guests.

So that your guests, employees and yourself feel safe and comfortable.