Clean & Safe - The certificate for safe and sustainable events

We have created an extensive certification catalog for the planning and implementation of hygienically safe and sustainable meetings, conferences and congresses. The development took place with the inclusion of the generally applicable safety precautions and an intensive exchange with stakeholders from the MICE industry. An event that successfully passes the certification process receives the Clean & Safe or Green Clean & Safe certificate.

With almost 50 measures in our certification catalog, we help you achieve hygienic cleanliness and safety and support you in planning and implementing your next event. From preparation to follow-up, the Clean & Safe covers all essential aspects in terms of infection protection, such as safety distance, protective clothing and cleaning intervals. The measures are divided into mandatory measures (MUST) and optional measures (CAN). In principle, the fulfillment of all MUST measures is necessary in order to receive the Clean & Safe certificate.

The certificate is only valid for one event at which InfraCert GmbH - Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry audits the implementation of the measures on site.

In order to optimally protect your event participants and employees, we recommend that you include Clean & Safe from the beginning of preparation. Because this is the only way you can organize your event according to the Clean & Safe catalog.

Hygiene and protective measures can also be implemented under ecological aspects. The measures can either be implemented instead of a proposed measure or in addition to the proposed measure. An event in which 80% of the sustainable measures are implemented receives the Green Clean & Safe certificate.

Basically, we advise all organizers and personalities in the MICE industry to have a safe and clean meeting. The Clean & Safe certification is designed for events with more than 100 participants due to its cost and time volume.

Only 3 steps to clean & safe

Are you interested in holding your next event with Clean & Safe? This is quite simple!

We will show you how to get the Clean & Safe or the Green, Clean & Safe seal in just 3 steps:

  1. Make an application via InfraCert and submit the application form

  2. Plan your event with the help of the Clean & Safe catalog and fill it out

  3. Realize your event - clean, safe and maybe even sustainable. InfraCert will be on site and audit the implementation of the measures.

Safety and health are more important than ever - set an example today with responsibility and commitment for your next event!

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