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Trivia regarding the sustainability certificate with GreenSign

1. What does “sustainable” mean?

The term “sustainable” means acting in a socially fair, ecologically compliant and economically stable way at the same time.

2. Why is a sustainable economic activity important for a hotel?

A sustainable economic activity creates structures, minimises a company’s risks and therefore represents stability, opens up the possibility to act sustainably and extends to all areas and activities of the hotel. GreenSign comprises the seven core areas management and communication, environment (energy, water and waste), purchase, regionalism, quality management and sustainable development, social and economic responsibility and additionally discloses valuable approaches towards optimising operations – sustainability becomes the core of the hotel’s identity.

3. What are my advantages, when I let my hotel be certified by GreenSign?

A GreenSign certification shows your company’s standpoint in terms of sustainability. With its multi-level and transparent system, GreenSign opens up the possibility to further expand your sustainability activities. The certification program additionally shows any needs for improvement when it comes to business processes, that can ultimately lead to cost savings. A certification with GreenSign furthermore leads to a differentiation from competitors and the representation as a sustainable vacation product in the market.

4. How does the sustainability seal GreenSign differ from any other seal?

GreenSign is, because of its transparent multi-level system (GreenSign “Level 1” to “Level 5”), unique for rating the sustainability performance and takes all three sustainability dimensions equally into consideration. The multi-level concept allows every hotelier an entrance and the possibility to further develop its sustainability activities. With the completion of the certification the hotelier receives a certificate with its rating as well as the GreenSign Logo for communication. GreenSign is additionally being audited by independent experts and therefore stands for a high quality assurance.

5. Why is GreenSign composed of five levels?

The seal GreenSign is a five-level system, to show every hotel’s standing regarding its sustainability performances and their rating. At the same GreenSign offers possibilities for further development with a new certification.

6. What does GreenSign stand for?

GreenSign stands for the combination of ecology, economy and social responsibility representing a sustainable hotel management.. GreenSign certified hotels don’t stand for a product lacking comfort, but for the best possible choice of vacation for the conscious consumer. Clients are able to experience “green” hotels first-hand in a unique fashion: authentic and individual.

7. Is GreenSign a recognized sustainability system?

GreenSign has been developed from both a scientific and a practical point of view and especially stands out due to its simple structure and quick to use testing system. This is made possible, thanks to an industry independent therefore unspecific system (e.g. EMAS, ISO 14001, ISO 2600) for the hotel industry, created by InfraCert in a practical way and in form of an online questionnaire for measuring and rating the sustainability performances. The certification is valid for a total of 3 years and is being verified externally. An independent and high-ranking advisory board functions as a controlling and advising instance during the process of certification.

8. Can every hotel get certified?

There are no exclusion criteria for a certification with GreenSign, so that any hotel can start the process by filling out the certification application.

9. Our hotel already has a certification/ environment management system/ sustainability program or similar implemented. Can the hotel additionally get certified with GreenSign?

Yes, you can let your hotel get additionally certified with GreenSign. We’ll check, to what extent existing programs can be supplemented.

10. What is the procedure for a certification process with GreenSign?

The certification process is divided into the following 7 steps:

  1. Receipt of the certification request from the hotel.
  2. Despatch of the questionnaire with 85 questions online (by request also offline) to the hotel. The further process will be explained in detail in a personal talk.
  3. Self evaluation by the hotel, the hotel management or the sustainability commissioner. During this phase InfraCert stands by the hoteliers side regarding any questions.
  4. Submission of the filled out questionnaire with attached documentation (online or offline) to the certification department of InfraCert.
  5. Evaluation of the submitted questionnaire by InfraCert.
  6. Arrangement of an appointment for the auditioning of the sustainability results. About this matter an audit report with rating and classification of the sustainability performances will be carried out.
  7. Assignment of the correspondent sustainability seal from GreenSign “Level 1” to GreenSign “Level 5” with certificate and logo by the management of InfraCert following a subsequent press release.
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