Sustainability analysis for tourism destinations

in cooperation with Klimapatenschaft GmbH and the SD Group

The number of travelers who attach great importance to the inclusion of sustainability aspects when choosing their accommodation and travel locations is growing steadily. Against the background of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 and the increased focus on the global and comprehensive Sustainable Development Goals, the political demands on tourism and businesses will also grow massively.

It is therefore becoming increasingly important for destinations to include ecological and social aspects in their development strategies in order to generate competitive advantages in the short term and to be able to survive successfully in the long term. The aim of every tourist destination should be to maintain healthy ecosystems and intact nature as the basis for tourism in the region.

Use sustainability analysis as a competitive advantage and set an example for the future - for your guests and yourself!

Together with our partners we offer a sustainability-related analysis, evaluation and improvement of tourism destinations.

The current state of your destination is collected and evaluated based on defined evaluation criteria. Aspects that have already been implemented in an exemplary manner and potential for improvement are identified and used. Based on this analysis, the sustainability performance of the destination can be increased in a targeted manner and is also embedded in the regional destination strategy.

In our sustainability analysis, we examine sustainability performance in the following areas:
  • Management

  •  Communication

  • Environment

  • Economy

  • Mobility

  • Social

  • Culture

The collected information enables us to show you in which areas there is already a good sustainability performance and where there is further potential.

In addition to a numerical and graphical evaluation, we provide you with specific and suitable proposals for measures that help to successfully shape sustainable development. The evaluation of the criteria catalog makes it clear to you individually how financial, structural and strategic advantages can be gained through ecological and social awareness.

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