CO2 footprint and reduction

It is our aim to help shaping sustainable tourism

Suzann Heinemann

Around 5% of all climate-damaging emissions worldwide are caused by tourism. We want to change this. We want to make tourism more ecological, closer and better - and we want to take you with us. Because only together we are able to create tourism that is prepared for the demands of the future.

The way to your carbon footprint

  • In the first step we calculate the CO2 footprint of your hotel business. This gives us a precise overview of the CO2 emissions that are released in the course of your business activities and identifies high-emission stages in your value chain.

  • We are happy to provide assistance in collecting the required data. It is important to us that commitment does not become a challenge for you. Therefore, you will receive a completely digitized data entry sheet from us, which enables you to collect and record information very easily and at your own pace.

  • After completing the data acquisition and balancing your information, we will create an individual results report for you, which, in addition to a graphic and written evaluation of your results, contains further explanatory information on your CO2 footprint and the calculation method.

  • The calculation of CO2 emissions is based on the criteria of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) - the most internationally recognized and most widely used standard.

  • In the second step, based on your results report, we determine measures to avoid and reduce emissions and, if possible, show you how you can generate cost savings.

  • According to our philosophy, avoided emissions are better than compensated ones, because they did not arise in the first place. The reduction and adaptation of emission sources is the most important step on the way to climate neutrality.

Once you have recorded the data for your CO2 footprint and received the measures to avoid and reduce emissions from climate sponsorship, you can include them in your sustainability strategy for the environmental program. In the following year, after another analysis of the CO2 footprint, it is possible to say exactly where and how many emissions were saved. This information is ideal for your external communication.

Since not all emissions can be avoided, there is also the possibility of targeted compensation by investing in climate protection projects. You can find more information about offsetting your CO2 emissions on the following page.

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